Product Offerings


EverWest specializes in assembling and delivering investment solutions for owners looking to capitalize their property and investors seeking maximum returns. To this end, we offer varied real estate-focused investment options in both fund and separate account formats. These can be tailored to achieve a client’s particular investment objective with activities concentrated on both equity and debt strategies.

Within the equity space, our investment strategies span the full risk spectrum – from core and core-plus to value-add and build-to-core products.

Within the debt space, our structured finance platform provides a wide range of financing solutions to third-party borrowers including B-notes, mezzanine loans and preferred equity investments for acquisitions financing, construction financing and recapitalizations.

In 2018, our product offerings were strengthened with the acquisition of Guggenheim Real Estate LLC, the real estate private equity platform of Guggenheim Investments. The addition expanded to EverWest’s scope with $1.8 billion in new fund vehicles spanning multifamily, office, industrial, retail, self-storage, senior housing and REIT investments.

Separate Accounts
Reorganized to Include Structured Finance

EverWest has a history of creating separate account strategies tailored to fit our client’s needs. These closed-end stratagems are primarily focused on industrial real estate in select seaport markets, as well as investments in the structured finance space (B-notes, mezzanine loans and preferred equity investments.) Property profiles range from build-to-core, development and value add to core with strong risk-adjusted returns. Within these sectors, our emphasis is on off-market transactions delivering above-market returns to our clients.

Mutual respect, collaboration and transparency are the hallmarks of our separate account relationships and help to foster the development of premier portfolios with geographic and product diversity and a track record that demonstrates outperformance. These results often garner a common request: Keep them coming!

Core Fund

This open-end fund seeks core, income-producing assets in markets across the United States. By definition, the majority of these assets are stabilized. Property selection and an assortment of product types (including office, multifamily, industrial retail and specialty real estate) are carefully blended to deliver strategically diversified risk. Launched in [year], this fund has produced superior returns for investors.

Value Add Fund

One of EverWest’s newest product offerings, our value add fund represents the second in a series of closed-end investment strategies. Fund I has been allocated with an office-only asset profile. The strategy for Fund II broadens that scope with office, industrial and multifamily asset opportunities. The focal point of both [please confirm both] funds is on well-located, value-add assets in key U.S. growth and gateway markets. Our preference is for assets to also have some income component in place.

Value Enhancement Industrial Fund

EverWest recently launched a new fund dedicated to U.S. seaport industrial and last-mile markets – both of which are driven by one of the most transformative disruptors in the history of commercial real estate: e-commerce. The strategy of our value enhancement industrial fund is to acquire individual, functional assets which, though they can fall at any point in the real estate lifecycle (land, under development or developed), they must offer a compelling value proposition.