Portfolio Management


Disciplined And Selective

Above all else, our portfolio management team is disciplined and selective. “Good” is a marker we pass on the way to “extraordinary” as we narrow the shortlist of investments that squarely fit the mandates of our clients. These investments represent a precise balance of relative value on a risk adjusted basis.

Personalized Guidance

EverWest can do this because we take the time to thoroughly review each client’s business strategy, objectives and holdings. We then merge that knowledge with the market’s best opportunities to create a customized basket of investments. Our clients trust us because we keep going until we get that investment balance just right, with portfolios offering attractive risk-to-value ratio, limited downside and the ability to outperform other players in the field.

Long-Term Commitment

We encourage our portfolio managers to serve as an extension of each client’s team. They are individuals you can count on to closely monitor your objectives and the market, and initiate dialogue when needed to adjust asset balance for maximum results. This same team diligently reports on those results, keeping you abreast of performance by asset class and location, income and returns.