Property Management


A Philosophy of Service

In a world prolific with anonymous money managers, EverWest’s Property Management Team enriches our vertically integrated firm with experts who take a personal interest in each property they represent. Built on a philosophy of service, this team gets close to your real estate assets, recognizing that the more they know about a property, the greater success they will have in making a positive impact on long-term performance.

Driving Growth and Direction

Our property managers drive the growth and strategic direction with a micro-understanding of their assigned properties. This on-the-ground knowledge of day-to-day property operations and opportunities of an asset includes, but is not limited to, managing fiscal, administrative and physical property tasks; building relationships with tenants, vendors and municipalities; renewing leases and directing tenant and capital improvements.

Local Perspective

In addition to serving as property experts, our teams also serve as local and regional specialists. From shifts in tenant demands to changes in rental rates, we keep our finger on the pulse of a market and report up to our asset managers so that, together, we ensure our buildings remain as top competitors in the local landscape.